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Do I need to use lubricant when having anal sex?

Talking about experiments in bed more and more often comes down to the topic of anal sex. And if everything is clear with co-traception (for anal sex you MUST use a condom!), then regarding lubricants many people have the question whether it is necessary to use lubricant during anal sex.

Looking ahead, we say that yes, lubricant for anal sex is necessary because in the rectum there is no natural lubricating fluid provided for these manipulations. In addition, lubricant helps to avoid cracking, reduces friction and makes penetration much more comfortable. And this applies not only to anal, but also to vaginal sex.

Well, if buying lubricant for anal becomes a mandatory item, then the following question arises: "And what lubricant to choose for anal sex?". About this we will tell further, but let's go in order.

Why is it worth having anal sex?

The female half of the population, having heard the myths and advice of girlfriends, avoids it and is categorically against anal sex. Fear, indeed, is justified, but it all depends on the level of preparedness. And the truth is that anal sex really brings pleasure.

Why is it so?

  • First, the human anus has many nerve endings and blood vessels.
  • Secondly, it is close to the vagina.
  • Thirdly, engaging in this type of sex, you can stimulate the cherished G-spot.

And if you approach everything competently, then the orgasm will be the most vivid and extravagant. In the previous article we discussed in detail how to prepare for anal sex, so that it brings pleasure and does not cause fear and panic.

Why do you need lubricant

The main aspect of anal sex is lubricant. As mentioned above, we do not naturally have lubrication, so penetration can be painful, cause tears and microfractures of the anus, which will lead to various kinds of diseases, infections and inflammation.

Advantages of lubricant for anal sex:

  • reduces pain and discomfort;
  • stimulates blood flow;
  • prevents the appearance of microcracks;
  • protects the condom from excessive friction and tearing;
  • simplifies and makes penetration more comfortable.

Types of anal lubricants

It is important to know the differences between the different types of lubricants, in order to select and buy a lubricant for anal sex, which will suit you best. But first, let's understand what types of anal lubricants exist:

Water-based lubricants
This lubricant contains water. A fairly common type of lubricant. The main feature is the easy availability of the means. Lubricant can be purchased in almost every pharmacy or store. A unique property is hypoallergenicity, and a significant plus will be the budget cost of the product. The only disadvantage is that lubrikant for anal sex on a water base dries quickly. From this we conclude that economically use up the lubricant will not work.

Oil-based lubricant
This kind of lubricant is ideal for masturbation and preliminary caresses. However, it should be taken into account that lubricants with a natural oil base can leave greasy stains on clothes and underwear. Also, when interacting with oils, the condom tears faster (latex features), so during sex it is still better not to use this lubricant.

Silicone lubricants for anal sex
Silicone-based lubricants are best suited for anal. They do not dry out for a long time and provide perfect sliding. The only disadvantage of this type of lubricant is the property to be absorbed into the surface of the underwear. Also, silicone-based lubricants can not be used with some erotic toys, so it is better to read the instructions before use.

Rules of use and choice of lubricants for anal sex

  • It isnot necessary to buy lubricantswith analgesic action. Quite a large number of girls are too worried about pain during anal sex, so they buy lubricants that include benzocaine or novocaine, that is, painkillers. Yes, the pain will not be felt at all, but neither will the pleasure. We do not recommend using such lubricants.
  • There isno need to save money on lubric ant. It is better to buy a quality and expensive product, so that the pleasure does not end up with inflammatory processes or allergic reactions.
  • Do not use "substitutes". On many sites you can come across information that lubricant is replaced by baby cream and that it can be made from bananas. No, no, and no again. You don't need to stuff something inside yourself that is not meant for that purpose. Nor should you think that saliva will do the job as well as lubricant, and that goes for Vaseline as well.
  • Do notspare lubricant, preferably alubricant that contains silicone. Do not count every drop and apply lubricant abundantly, because this type of penetration should be maximally drowned in lubrikant, so that the process was comfortable and painless.
  • Buy lubricant in special stores of intimate goods or pharmacies. It is not recommended to buy them in Chinese online stores, where there is no license to sell. Yes, they are cheap, but there is a risk, instead of pleasure, to get damage to organs and catch a bunch of diseases and infections.
  • Before use, you should check the shelf life of the lubricant. Do not use anal lubricant that has long expired.
  • Pay attention to the composition of lubric ant. Avoid those where there are chemical flavorings and dyes, which can destroy the internal microflora.
  • Gel should be applied to both partners. And remember the rule: do not spare lubricant!

To summarize, anal sex is safe and painless if you follow all the rules, protect your health and create comfort for your partner. Lubricants and condoms should definitely be used during anal sex. It is not necessary to neglect any of the rules of preparation, so that both partners can fully enjoy this type of sexual games and reach the highest peak of pleasure. As for the lubricant, it is necessary to choose carefully, referring to the peculiarities of each type of lubricant and the absence of allergies.

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